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Our company was established in 2018. Kisdream is growing so fast with your continued help and support. And we focus on integrating technology and design into specific solutions to help modern families enjoy more secure and convenient parenting. The development of the Kisdream brand is the result of creating and developing a wide range of high-quality products. It has built a reputation for safe and reliable products which has earned the trust of many customers for the high quality of its services. The product categories that have been launched mainly include baby feeding, baby care, baby travel gear, baby potty training, and baby diapering.


At Kisdream, we put babies first. If you're planning on becoming nursing mums, it will be the best place you should come. Kisdream is committed to creating a better mother-baby experience for families around the world.

OUR Story

Kisdream is a relatively young brand, which was founded in 2018. 5 years ago, I was pregnant with my first baby. The warmest smile on his face deeply shocked my heart, making me forget the pain of childbirth at the moment. I realized that pregnancy is hard enough already,our babies should deserve more love, more caring and more nutrients in their childrenhood and parenthood should take more ease and simplicity.  Later I spent days researching, thinking and finding a better way to nourish a baby. Finally Kisdream was born like a baby. The main focus for Kisdream has been on bringing you a better mother-baby experience for families. 

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