The top 10 mistakes of breast pump, 95% of mothers are recruited!

The top 10 mistakes of breast pump, 95% of mothers are recruited!

1. The necessary breast pump in the maternity bag

Many mothers prepare breast pumps early in pregnancy, in fact, breast pumps are not necessary items in the maternity bag.

In general, the following situations will use the breast pump: postpartum separation of mother and child chase milk to carry milk

If you're going back to work after birth, you're going to need one sooner or later.

If the mother is already at home full-time, it is not necessary to prepare a breast pump during pregnancy, because you can not use a breast pump if you successfully start breastfeeding.

The most important thing during pregnancy is to learn more and master the correct knowledge and skills of breastfeeding.


2. The greater the suction when pumping, the better

Many people think that the principle of the breast pump is to suck the milk out with negative pressure, just like adults drink water with a straw, if you think so, you are very wrong.

The breast pump is actually a way of simulating pro-feeding, which stimulates the areola to produce milk matrix and causes a large amount of milk to move out. For the principle of milk phalanx, you can see this article: What? No milk = Hungry baby!

Therefore, the negative pressure suction of the breast pump is not the bigger the better, too large negative pressure causes the mother to feel uncomfortable, but will affect the production of milk matrix. Just find the maximum comfortable negative pressure when pumping.

How to find the maximum comfortable negative pressure?

When the mother pumps, the pressure is raised from the least gear, and when the mother feels uncomfortable, the next gear is the maximum comfortable negative pressure.

Generally, the maximum comfortable negative pressure of one breast is about the same most of the time, so if a good adjustment is made, the mother can also feel directly in this pressure gear next time, and make minor adjustments if it feels uncomfortable.


3.The longer the sucking time, the better

Many mothers, in order to pursue the amount of milk pumped out, pump for an hour at a time, making their areola edema and exhaustion.

The use of breast pumps is not the longer the better, after the time is too long, it is not easy to stimulate the milk matrix, but also easy to cause breast damage.

In most cases, the single breast should not be pumped for more than 15-20 minutes, and the time limit for bilateral breast pumping should not be more than 15-20 minutes.

If you have not sucked a drop of milk for a few minutes, you can stop pumping at this time, and stimulate the milk matrix with massage, hand milking, and then pump again.

4. The horn cover is only the size of the manufacturer

Some mothers have nipple pain, injury, areolar edema and other conditions after using the breast pump, it is likely that the size of the breast pump horn cover is not suitable, because the vast majority of the breast pump manufacturers are equipped with the horn cover is the standard size 24mm, so mothers do not know that there are other sizes of the horn cover to choose from.

In fact, the relationship between the nipple and the horn cover is like the relationship between our feet and shoes, we must match the size to go far.

The size of each mother's nipple is not the same, and even the left and right nipple sizes are not consistent, so you need to choose your own horn cover size.

5. Use someone else's second-hand breast pump

In addition to hospital-grade rental breast pumps that can be used by multiple mothers, it is not recommended to use second-hand breast pumps at home. The specific reasons can be seen in this article: second-hand breast pump, can it be used?

6.The breast pump can not suck after the milk

I often hear mothers say that the breast pump can not suck after the milk, which is a big misunderstanding of the breast pump.

The difference between the so-called pre-milk and post-milk is mainly the fat content in the milk, and the "post-milk" contains more fat, but the amount of fat contained in the milk is not determined by the length of milk pumping, but is related to the degree of breast filling.

The more empty the breast, the more fat there is in the milk. Although the effect of breast pumping is indeed not as good as that of pro-feeding, it is also only possible to suck out the so-called pre-milk, when a part of the milk is sucked out and the breast is not very swollen, the milk already contains enough fat.

7. Clean and disinfect the breast pump every time you use it

In order to ensure that the breast pump is clean and hygienic, many mothers will clean and disinfect the breast pump every time after pumping, which is not difficult for mothers who usually pump not much, but if it is a mother who mainly relies on the breast pump to chase milk, pump milk many times a day, if every time to clean and disinfect it is too troublesome, some mothers will be too busy, have to give up chasing milk.

In fact, breast pumps do not have to be cleaned and disinfected every time. The most recommended practice: clean after each use and sterilize once a day.

If the pump is too frequent (every 2 hours to pump once), and the baby is healthy and full term, the mother can also steal a little lazy: put the pump and bottle together in the refrigerator after the last pump, and then suck again next time, clean after 2 times, and disinfect once a day. Or you can buy more than 1-2 sets of accessories, centralized cleaning after use.

8.Do not know how much milk you have, use a breast pump to suck it out

Some mothers do not know how much milk the baby has eaten when feeding, whether it has reached the milk standard recommended in the book, they will use the breast pump to suck and see how much milk can be sucked out on behalf of how much milk the baby can eat.

If you can only suck out 80ml, you will think that your milk is certainly not enough for the baby to eat, and add milk powder to the baby.

That's not the right thing to do. The amount of milk pumped by the breast pump ≠ the amount of milk eaten by the baby.

Breast pump pumping is just a way to simulate pro-feeding, but can simulation achieve 100% effect? Obviously not!

On the cold breast pump, the mother's body produces the love hormone - oxytocin and the resulting milk array are limited, and the love flows between the mother and the baby when feeding, will let the mother have more milk array, and the baby eats more milk.

9. Frequent use of breast pumps can damage the breast

In the mother group also spread such a saying, the breast pump will hurt the breast, in fact, as long as the choice of the right breast pump horn cover, with the right negative pressure and pumping time, often use the breast pump will not hurt the breast.

However, the effect of removing milk from the breast pump is indeed not as good as that of pro-feeding, so it is more likely to have problems such as milk stasis and milk reduction.

10.Worry about feeding, sucking out the bottle to feed more insurance

This is a huge misconception. Because the baby breastfeeds for too long at a time, or worries that the baby is not full, many mothers have chosen to suck out the bottle to breastfeed.

However, later I found that it was too troublesome to suck out the bottle to feed, and I wanted to change to full kiss feeding. But the baby has been used to bottle feeding, even if the mother has a lot of milk, but there are still many difficulties in feeding

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